Wago's 750-880 Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Fieldbus Controller features an SD port for up to 8GB of memory

Wago’s 750-880 Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Fieldbus Controller offers 1MB data memory and an SD port for up to 8GB of extra memory. The 750-880 provides 1MB of both program and data memory, with up to 8GB of supplemental memory from the SD card. Accessible via FTP, the card is also an additional drive or data backup.

The 750-880 employs function libraries and an upgraded 2MB Fast File System with integrated Web server for configuration options, status information and Web pages. The 750-880 relies on a TCP/IP stack and IEC61131-3-compatible environment.

The 750-880’s optional SD card features gold-plating for harsh industrial applications. The card features Power-Loss Protection, ESD stability up to 15 kV and a -20° C to +60° C temperature rating.

The 750-880's two Ethernet interfaces and an integrated switch are engineered to blend PLC-like functionality with IT networking flexibility. Via line topology, the switch eliminates redundant switches and hubs. The slotted, IP20 housing is designed to optimize cooling; an extended-temperature model is rated -20° C to +60° C. The 750-880 carries UL 508 and meets EMV requirements.

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