TrynEx's SweepEx Mega 720 broom attachment is adaptable to most service vehicles

TrynEx’s SweepEx Mega 720 broom attachment is built with a 72-inch mainframe. Mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches (class 1 & 2) and skid-steer pivots are available. SweepEx brooms are built with no moving parts. By detaching the end protectors, the broom’s brush sections are replaced, rotated or removed.

Constructed of steel and protected with a powder-coat finish, the Mega Series includes 11 brush rows. With the ability to attach MegaWing 90 (nine-inch) and MegaWing 180 (18-inch) broom extenders to each end of the broom, the Mega 720 can be increased up to 108 inches.

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