Toyota Material Handling's integrated scale allows for simultaneous weighing and transportation of loads

Toyota Material Handling's integrated scale is available on 4,000- to 5,000-lb. internal combustion, cushion tire lift truck models. The scale is designed to allow for simultaneous weighing and transportation of loads.

The Toyota integrated scale is engineered to enable operators to view, record or transfer legal-for-trade load weight information as the load is being transported through the facility. A built-in side shifter allows for four-inch movement each way without the operator having to leave his seat.

Four National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certified electronic Weigh Bar sensors are integrated into the scale’s carriage. The electronic sensors have no mechanical springs or moving parts, and the bolt-on sensors are located for easy servicing.

The Toyota integrated scale has been validated by the National Conference on Weights and Measures to weigh legal-for-trade even when the floors are not level or the pallet load is off center.

A choice of two overhead guard shock-mounted digital LCD displays are available for operators to review, manage, report and transmit load data. The FLI 225 digital display offers dual serial ports for peripheral connectivity, 350-transaction memory, scale diagnostics mode and optional Wi-Fi capability. The FLI 425 features a seven-inch touch screen color LCD display, a Windows CE.NET platform and multiple ways for load data transmission via standard serial ports, USB devices, Ethernet or Wi-Fi options.

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