Torch Wear's Ultimate Blankets are designed to protect workers from heat injuries

Torch Wear's heat-resistant blankets are designed to protect workers from heat injuries from molten metal splash, metal-cutting, welding, arc flash or potential exposure to intense heat.

Torch Wear Ultimate Blankets are made with CarbonX flame-resistant fabric, which, when exposed to intense heat or flame, will carbonize and then expand, reducing the oxygen content within the fabric. CarbonX is designed not to char, shrink or burn when exposed to heat and flame. CarbonX fabric is not a chemically treated material. It is a yarn created by spinning oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber with an Aramid strengthening agent. The blankets provide two layers of Carbonex fabric protection and a layer of Twaron aramid fiber to provide abrasion resistance. They can be employed as firewalls and insulation. (Blankets are employed with yellow Twaron fabric towards personnel.)

Torch Wear blankets also offer protection from electrical arc explosion (arc flash). When used as an arc suppression blanket, they can provide a barrier from peripheral arcs, and have been rated to over 100 cal/cm2, NFPA 70E.

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