Thomas and Betts' Cyberex Cyberwave Industrial three-phase uninterruptable power supply features improved topology

The Cyberex Cyberwave Industrial three-phase uninterruptable power supply (UPS) from Thomas and Betts features improved topology that separates the rectifier and charger. The inverter is also designed to tolerate high overloads because an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)-based pulse width modulation (PWM) design enables highly efficient and rapid switching.

The system incorporates Cyberex’s Digital Static Transfer Switch design. The fully rated switch is engineered to have no single point of failure.      

An online, double conversion system, the Cyberex Cyberwave three-phase UPS is compliant with Underwriters Laboratories (UL1778), offering from 10 to 150 kVA ratings.

The system also features parallel redundancy and downstream overload and fault-clearing capabilities.

The system’s diagnostics provide the operator with status and alarm information via a user interface that includes a full-color touch screen and an interactive event log that can be downloaded through a USB port.   

The system’s rectifier is engineered to offer enhanced efficiency and an input power factor at near unity. The included PWM inverter and special output transformer are designed to provide low output voltage and low current total harmonic distortion (THD). The system’s reliability is enhanced through the application of digital signal processing (DSP) controls and fiber-optic data paths in the controls communication system.

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