Swagelok's RHPS series domeloaded pressure regulator relies on a pressurized chamber in place of a spring

Swagelok RHPS series domeloaded pressure regulators are designed to permit high flows and exhibit less droop than spring-loaded designs in controlling the pressure of liquids and gases. The domeloaded design relies on a pressurized chamber above an elastomer diaphragm in place of a spring to operate the regulator. Depending on regulator size and configuration, inlet pressures can range to 5800 psig (400 bar). Regulated pressures span 1.4 to 29 psig (0.10 to 2.0 bar), 0 to 1000 psig (0 to 70 bar), 0 to 2900 psig (0 to 200 bar) and 0 to 5800 psig (0 to 400 bar).

Swagelok domeloaded regulators are available for pipe sizes ranging from 1/4 to 4 inches with corresponding Cv values ranging from 0.1 to 73. End connections include NPT female, BSPP female, and ANSI and DIN flanges. Body, dome and trim material for all models is 316 L stainless steel. Operating temperatures range from -4 to 176° F (-20 to 80° C). Seal, O-ring, seat and diaphragm material options include nitrile, EPDM,and fluorocarbon FKM. (Seat materials also include PCTFE and PEEK.)

Larger models, 1-1/2 inches and above, include an integral pilot regulator to keep the dome pressure constant. The dome can be energized by system pressure or an external pressure source. All models include connections for installation of pressure gauges or other pressure measurement devices.

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