Sullair's Stationary Air Power System is designed to meet the demand for oil-free compressed air

Designed to meet the demand for oil-free or instrument-quality compressed air, the Sullair Stationary Air Power System consists of a Sullair rotary screw air compressor, a wet storage tank, a refrigerated or regenerative dryer, customized filters, dry storage and a flow controller. Completing the system are oil/water separator and drains, and ethernet-based eConnect to monitor and control the system. 

Depending on the application and dew point requirements, Sullair offers both refrigerated and desiccant regenerative types. Refrigerated dryers are available in four different configurations, including non-cycling models, digital cycling models, cycling models and high temperature models. Sullair desiccant regenerative dryers are available in four different configurations: modular, heatless, externally heated and blower purge.

Sullair filtration equipment includes pre-filters; high-efficiency, high pressure, high temperature and odor-removal filters; and ISO 8573.1 quality classes (ASME/CRN approved).

Sullair's line of air treatment products includes oil/water separators that are designed to remove oil from compressed air condensate. Available in six models, these units also purify the condensate.

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