Spill-Tain's fire boom is designed for containment under burn and non-burn conditions

Spill-Tain’s flexible fire boom design combines 316 stainless steel and steam-cooled foam glass flotation. Hinged panels float independently without transferring vertical loads to adjacent panels. This helps the boom to better follow short period wave patterns.

Self-righting and with automatic float extensions, the boom is engineered to connect together with fasteners. It deploys from a folded position on pallet, dock, deck, beach or ramp. Short boom sections may be transported and positioned by one person.

The boom is designed for containment under burn and non-burn conditions. The Spill-Tain boom may be towed trailing at 25 knots without damage. It survives even when positioned for grounding by tide changes.

Reusable after oil and burn exposure, the boom can be cleaned prior to repacking and storing in a ready state for future use. Spill-Tain boom components are 100% recyclable and do not require disposal at a hazardous waste facility.

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