Rockwell Automation extends power range of its PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 900 kW/1350 Hp

Rockwell Automation has extended the power range of its PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 900 kW/1350 Hp and added 600/690 volt ratings. The common DC bus option allows users to connect the PowerFlex 755 AC drive to a common DC-bus configuration.

Like all PowerFlex 755 drives, this latest frame size includes an embedded Ethernet port and five option slots. Option modules include I/O, feedback, safety, additional communications and an auxiliary power supply. A roll-out design allows access to the drive for installation and maintenance. The drive’s converter and control pod can remain in the unit while the inverter is rolled out, so control wiring can remain connected.

In addition to the extended power range, a firmware upgrade for all PowerFlex 755 drives will contain the following features:

  • Interior Permanent Magnet Motor Control – Designed to deliver increased application flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • “Stop Dwell” feature – Helps prevent a motor from coasting to a stop. It allows users to preconfigure the motor to perform a controlled stop.
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