Opto 22's SNAP-AIPM-3 and SNAP-AIPM-3V can monitor electrical equipment without a transformer

Opto 22's SNAP-AIPM-3 and SNAP-AIPM-3V can each monitor 480 VAC, three-phase electrical equipment without the need for a potential transformer. Both modules accept voltage inputs up to 300 VAC, so 277 volt line-to-neutral signals from lighting systems and other equipment can be wired directly to the module.

The SNAP-AIPM-3 accepts current inputs from 0-5 amps, which doubles the module's current input resolution. The SNAP-AIPM-3 is compatible with most current transformers, which step down a primary current to a secondary of 5 amps or less.

In energy monitoring applications, the SNAP-AIPM-3 and the SNAP-AIPM-3V are designed to allow building managers, maintenance engineers and other business stakeholders to monitor three-phase equipment power in their facilities. Each module returns up to 14 channels of data, including volts, amps, volt-amps and true power for all three phases, plus true power sums.

For its six wired input channels, the SNAP-AIPM-3 has input ranges of 85-300 VAC RMS and 0-5 AC amps RMS. The module offers 12 millivolts of resolution with accuracy of ± 0.2 volts for voltage inputs, and 200 microamps of resolution with accuracy of ± 4 milliamps for current inputs.

For its six wired inputs, the SNAP-AIPM-3V has input ranges of 85-300 VAC RMS and 0-0.333 VAC from current transformers with a 333 millivolt secondary. Accuracy is ± 0.2 volts for voltage inputs and 13.3 microvolts AC for current inputs.

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