Opto 22's Opto iPAC iOS App allows users to view and debug wirelessly accessible control and I/O systems

Opto 22 has introduced the Opto iPAC iOS App, offering access to the company's SNAP PAC System via mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Automation and control professionals can view, debug and fine-tune their wirelessly accessible control and I/O systems.

Using the Opto iPAC application, devices running iOS (Apple's mobile operating system) can discover any wirelessly accessible SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers (PAC) and I/O systems on the control system network. Authorized Opto iPAC users with proper security credentials can inspect SNAP I/O points and PAC Control strategy variables, and execute control functions. Specific I/O points and tagnames can be retrieved, viewed and saved to a Watch List for quick future reference. Also, Opto iPAC users can start or stop any flowcharts running within their control strategies.

Engineers and technicians carrying their mobile devices in the field or on the plant floor can inspect their SNAP PAC System controllers and I/O processors, view control strategies running or saved on their controllers and check firmware. Finally, the Opto iPAC offers support for virtual private networking and port forwarding.

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