NK Technologies' ATCR Series flexible loop current transducers monitor current usage of loads up to 2,000 amps

NK Technologies' ATCR Series flexible loop current transducers are a matched and factory-calibrated sensing coil and True RMS signal conditioner that use two wires to provide power supply and output signal. They meet UL508 and CE requirements.

With a 35 mm DIN-rail mount enclosure, the ATCR series installs over bus bar and single or multiple conductors. The cable is connected to a signal conditioner located up to several feet from the conductor to deliver an analog 4-20 mA signal proportional to AC current up to 2,000 amps. ATCR transducers feature ranges of 0 – 500 to 0 – 2000 amps and frequencies to 400 hertz.

ATCR current transducers feature True RMS technology, which is designed to deliver accurate monitoring on distorted waveforms such as VFD or phase angle-fired SCR outputs. Single-range functionality eliminates field range selection errors, as well as zero and span pots. Additionally, output is magnetically isolated from the input for safety, which also eliminates insertion losses.

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