Maple Systems' Graphic HMI video capability integrates both live and recorded video into the HMI application

Maple Systems' Graphic HMI video capability is designed to allow users to integrate both live and recorded video into their HMI application. The imagery can then be stored on a removable device (SD card, USB Drive) and later reviewed for analysis.

Users can connect a camera to the Maple HMI to view or record live video of the process in NTSC or PAL formats. Users can connect two different cameras to the HMI and import video on two different channels. Users can capture video when the viewing windows are closed, even though video is being recorded.

Maple's Video Feature works with the Maple Media Player for functional image review.

The media player has several functions for reviewing footage, including forward, reverse, play, pause, zoom, next, previous and a volume adjustment. The Maple Media Player can be customized to match the look, feel and design of the user's application. Supported file formats include mov, mpg, mp3, wmv, flv, avi and wav.

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