Librestream's Onsight mobile collaboration system brings plant problems to the expert

Librestream's Onsight mobile collaboration system is designed to allow internal experts to receive live video and audio, and share feedback with field staff, external suppliers or customers to assess operations and resolve issues.

The Onsight system is comprised of three main components:

  • Librestream’s wireless devices, including Onsight 1000, Onsight 2000 and Onsight 2000EX models
  • Onsight Expert, the desktop collaboration software that runs on the computer of a subject matter expert
  • Onsight Management Suite software

Plant workers use the mobile device to share video, voice, telestration (i.e., onscreen drawing) and images with the experts who interact live through the PC software. Remote experts can also share images or pre-recorded videos to play on the touch-screen panel of the device.

The hand-held Onsight mobile device comes in three models, including the Onsight 2000EX that has Zone 2 hazardous location approval. All communication and data is encrypted. The camera provides 1 cm macro zoom and a 10X optical zoom. Onsight can attach to external devices like a microscope or borescope to send additional visuals to the expert. 

The real-time video streaming and two-way VOIP audio is improved through the use of a built-in speakerphone and microphone, in addition to headsets. All participants in the discussion can also perform two-way onscreen drawing. The system provides bi-directional video recording and still image capture.

The Onsight Expert software is engineered to allow the experts to communicate with the field staff from their desktop. The experts can remotely control all the camera functions, including illumination, zoom and focus controls.

The Onsight Management Suite is designed to provide a secure method to configure, update and report on the usage of the Onsight devices and Onsight Expert software.

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