LEDtronics' ETL-listed LED tube light fixtures help companies minimize their ecological footprint

LEDtronics' line of ETL-listed LED tube light fixtures is designed for T8 LED tube lights. The LEDtronics T8 fixture replacements consist of overhead lighting systems: LEDWSE200-2-4LR is a 4-foot/2-tube ceiling or flush wall-mounted T8 LED light fixture with wraparound lens for parking structures and garages; the similar LEDWSE200-3-4LR holds 3 tubes; LEDGHL310-2-4LR is a 4-foot/2-tube recessed-ceiling or T-Bar T8 LED light fixture, while the similar LEDGHL320-4-4LR accommodates 4 lamps.

All four come with 20-25% DR, clear acrylic, prismatic lenses secured by stainless steel screws, and a safety switch that allows individual fixture power to be disconnected during re-lamping or maintenance. The ETL-listed LED T8 fixture housings are constructed from 22-gauge, cold-rolled steel with 18-gauge end plates with spot-welded seams and corners, have side KOs for 1/2-inch conduit, T-hinge and spring-loaded latch. The door frames are fully neoprene gasketed and painted after fabrication with a baked white polyester finish.

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