Kaeser's EB 291C and EB 421C blowers have been added to the Com-paK Plus family

Kaeser has launched two additions to its Com-paK Plus family of blower packages. The EB 291C and EB 421C models offer side-by-side installation, and low noise and vibration. These units feature Kaeser's tri-lobe blowers.

The EB series features advanced control options, including the Omega Control Basic, variable frequency drive and reduced current (wye-delta) starting.  

All of the instrumentation is mounted, piped and wired. The controller integrates motor starters and instrumentation. Dry contacts are included for output to SCADA, and the packages can be remotely started and stopped. EB units are available from 25 to 100 hp with flows from 577 to 1420 icfm at 4.4 psig. 

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