Jenny Products' electric-powered J5A-30P air compressor contains pneumatic tires and lifting handles

Jenny Products' electric-powered, single-stage J5A-30P air compressor includes an ASME-certified, 30-gallon air tank. The J5A-30P is driven by a 5-horsepower electric motor, which requires a single-phase, 230-volt power source. It features a four-cylinder “J” pump with a high compression ratio for producing 19.4 cfm at 100 psi or 19 cfm at 125 psi.

Pump temperature is kept low by the directional air shroud and flywheel, and Jenny’s Ultimate Blue synthetic pump oil is designed to protect the unit’s pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders through a splash lubrication system. The unit contains protectively mounted fittings, and the belt is completely enclosed by a belt guard.

The J5A-30P contains pneumatic tires and lifting handles. Other standard features include a manual tank drain, safety relief valve, stainless steel braided discharge hose, large canister intake with replaceable filter elements, anti-vibration feet, and pressure gauges for the tank, regulator and outlet.

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