Ingersoll Rand's CLK-Series air chain hoists operate 800 full-load hours between overhauls

Designed for production applications and loads up to 1100 lbs, the CLK-Series is the latest addition to Ingersoll Rand’s line of air chain hoists. With an ASME HST-5 rating of A5 (FEM/ISO mechanism classification of 1Am/M4), the CLK Series hoists are engineered to operate 800 full-load hours between overhauls.

The CLK-Series features a top hook that operates with a 360-degree swivel motion, or can be converted to lock in 90-degree increments. The air hoists feature a lifting speed of 43 fpm (13.1m/min) for the 125 kg models and 32 fpm (9.8m/min) for the 250 kg models.

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