Honeywell's OneWireless Rotating Equipment Solution monitors critical plant assets wirelessly and in real time

Honeywell's OneWireless Rotating Equipment Solution is a suite of products and services that is part of Honeywell Process Solutions’ Reliability and Asset Management portfolio.

Honeywell’s OneWireless Rotating Equipment Solution consists of the Honeywell XYR6000 Multiplexer wireless vibration monitor, the Asset Manager R400 software for online performance and condition monitoring, and the OneWireless network Multinodes. This solution also includes wireless and reliability consulting, engineering and aftermarket services. Asset Manager R400 is engineered to enable users from all levels of plant operations to collaborate in order to determine how to address abnormal equipment conditions and plan maintenance.

Customers can also add other Honeywell solutions such as Honeywell Field Advisor, Turbo Suite and Field Device Manager to extend these practices to a larger class of rotating assets, fixed assets and field instrumentation.

The XYR6000 Multiplexer is a wireless vibration monitoring product for rotating assets. It uses Honeywell’s proprietary fault model technology, which is designed to detect and track major failure modes such as bearing failures, machine imbalance, and gearbox and impeller failures. Enhancements in the XYR6000 Multiplexer include on-demand data and the ability to report equipment failure remotely, a four-year battery life and Intrinsically Safe batteries.

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