GE's EverGold SVT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverter utilizes convection-cooling technology

GE Energy Industrial Solutions’ GE EverGold SVT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters for photovoltaic systems are engineered for flexibility in system design and for ease of installation. The transformerless design reduces inverter weight. Additionally, the GE EverGold SVT Inverter utilizes convection-cooling technology.

The GE EverGold SVT Inverter includes two independent MPPTs for 4 kW and 5 kW. The dual MPPTs on the 4- and 5-kW units are designed to keep the photovoltaic system working at its highest efficiency even if one inverter serves two arrays on different roofs.

The GE EverGold SVT Inverters, which convert solar module energy from DC to AC power, are available for 2- to 5-kW applications. The units come with a standard RS232 port. Software for energy monitoring, LAN, RS485, USB and relay cards are available options.

Along with a transformerless design, the GE EverGold SVT Inverter delivers installation via mounting bracket and no-screw terminations. The NEMA 3R enclosure allows for an operational range at temperatures between -4° F and +122° F (-20° C and +50° C).

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