Graphic Products' DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer has two alternating heat elements to prevent printer cool-down time

Graphic Products introduces the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS thermal transfer labeler. The printer’s LCD screen shows five lines of a label design at a given time. The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS Handheld Label Printer prints on 1/2-, 1- and 2-inch vinyl supply. The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS has two alternating heat elements, which are designed to prevent required printer cool-down time. The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS prints at 0.40 inches per second.

DuraLabel 2000 PLUS features include:

  • A pre-installed library consists of 250 industrial safety symbols
  • A battery that can print 100 feet of labels on one charge
  • A soft key menu system
  • A printer that saves up to 32 label designs
  • A manual cutter that is engineered to producs clean label edges
  • Shock-resistant construction

DuraLabel 2000 PLUS vinyl supply and ribbons are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. Currently, vinyl tapes are available in eight colors. Ribbons are available in six colors.

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