Cooper Bussmann's CH Series modular DIN-Rail mountable fuse holders help improve electrical safety

The Cooper Bussmann CH Series of UL-listed modular finger-safe DIN-Rail mountable fuse holders offers a high SCCR rating up to 200kA. Cooper Bussmann modular fuse holders feature a version rated up to 1,000 Vdc to the latest UL 4248-18 PV fuse holder standard for use in solar power installations. The CH Series is also rated to accept up to #4AWG wire, standard 6-millimeter comb bus bar terminals, spade terminals, 90° C and 70° C rated wire, as well as fine stranded wire. The fuse holders feature an open fuse indicator and a 4-millimeter lockout feature in the fuse carrier. They also offer toolless ganging of multiple poles and toolless DIN rail mounting. With a captive, fully backed out phil-slot screw and a 6-millimeter wire clamp lug, Cooper Bussmann modular fuse holders are designed to simplify installation and reduce maintenance.

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