AutomationDirect's GS-EDRV100 Ethernet drive module processes signals to and from the drive

AutomationDirect’s GS-EDRV100 Ethernet drive module is engineered to provide an Ethernet link between a control system and any GS or DURApulse AC drive. The module processes signals to and from the drive, mounts on 35mm DIN rail and connects the drive to an Ethernet hub or PC. It formats drive signals to conform with the Ethernet standard and transmits these signals to the H2-ERM or H4-ERM, Productivity3000, KEPDirect OPC Server, KEPDirect EBC I/O Server or independent controllers with a Modbus TCP/IP driver. The GS-EDRV100 is equipped with a serial and an Ethernet communication port and LED activity indicators. The module features a built-in Web browser that is designed to allow users to configure and control the drive from any Web browser via the IP address of the GS-EDRV100 module.

AutomationDirect has also added the H2-SERIO-4 serial communications model to its line of communication devices for WinPLC and PC-based control systems. The H2-SERIO-4 module has two RS-232C ports and one RS-422/485 terminal. Each port on the module is capable of full hardware handshaking.

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