Zero-Max's Control-Flex couplings have a parallel linkage system to minimize reaction forces

Zero-Max Control-Flex couplings are designed for the feedback requirements of encoder applications. Featuring a Control-Flex center disc design, these couplings have a parallel linkage system that is engineered to minimize reaction forces due to shaft misalignments.

Control Flex couplings have parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignment capabilities with less side loads on shaft bearings and seals. They are designed with clamp-style zero backlash hubs, and have electrically insulating flex components.

Control-Flex couplings consist of two hubs (to be attached to the system shafts) and a center flex member. This member is affixed to the hubs through pins. Clamp-style hubs provide a positive shaft connection. Two versions of the coupling are available: a single flex disc version for standard torque capacity, and a two flex disc version for increased torque capacity and torsional stiffness.

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