Master Bond's EP30LTE-LO epoxy features a low coefficient of thermal expansion

Serviceable over a temperature range of -60° F to 250° F, Master Bond EP30LTE-LO epoxy cures at room temperature with 85% of its maximum strength developed within 48 hours. Faster cures are possible at elevated temperatures. The reactive epoxy features a coefficient of thermal expansion of 12x10-6 in/in/° C and a shrinkage rate of less than 0.0002 in/in. It bonds to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and most plastics, and produces bonds with a tensile strength of 5,000 psi.

The electrically insulative system is designed to resist thermal cycling and chemicals including water, fuels and many acids, bases, salts and organic solvents. It has a working life of up to 60 minutes for a 200-gram mass.

EP30LTE-LO has a 10 to 1 mix ratio by weight and can be applied with a spatula, knife, trowel, brush or paint roller. It can also be cast as thick as 1 inch without undue exotherm developing.

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