Ridgid's micro CA-100 view-only inspection camera inspects hard-to-reach areas

Ridgid's micro CA-100 view-only inspection camera is designed to allow for more detailed visual digital inspections in hard-to-reach areas. An image rotation function is engineered to eliminate awkward hand positions, and allows for the image to be positioned for the best readability.

The micro CA-100 comes standard with four adjustable LEDs in a waterproof 3/4-inch, 17-millimeter anodized aluminum camera head on a flexible, waterproof three-foot cable. The cable can be expanded to a maximum of 30 feet with available extensions.

The Ridgid micro CA-100 inspection camera comes with three separate attachments that twist and lock into place on the camera head. A J-shaped extension called the Hook Tip allows users to pick up, tug or pull small objects within reach of the cable. The Magnetic Tip can pick up metal objects.

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