GE's Arc Vault arc fault protection technology stops an arcing fault in eight milliseconds

GE's Arc Vault arc fault protection technology is designed to stop an arcing fault in eight milliseconds. The Arc Vault system features an activation switch that can be used during routine maintenance to put the low-voltage equipment into a high-protection mode. When an arc flash event occurs, the system will send a signal to the arc containment device. The arc is then diverted to the containment system in one-half cycle or eight milliseconds. At the same time the decision to divert the arc is made, the system will also make a decision to open an upstream circuit breaker. This will turn off the system in approximately three cycles, at which point the arc in the containment system will terminate. The Arc Vault system can be retrofitted onto both GE and non-GE low voltage switchboards, switchgear and motor control centers.
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