Emerson Process Management's CSI 2600 Machinery Health Expert offers predictive and continuous monitoring capabilities

Emerson’s CSI 2600 Machinery Health Expert is designed to offer portability and advanced predictive and continuous monitoring capabilities. The CSI 2600 is engineered to continuously monitor, record and analyze machinery information for over 100 hours across all 24 channels.

Online monitoring of key machinery with the CSI 2600 is designed to provide real-time information that enables users to track and diagnose issues, avoid unexpected downtime and determine the best time for maintenance. The CSI 2600 utilizes PeakVue technology to identify developing bearing and gear faults in advance of damaging the machine.

Integration of the CSI 2600 with AMS Suite predictive maintenance software is engineered to allow users to perform advanced analysis of vibration diagnostics. With AMS Suite, users can configure and control the CSI 2600 from the control room via LAN or by connecting directly via laptop in the field.

The CSI 2600 is designed to provide flexibility in sensor connectivity. Users can connect through traditional BNC connectors or with blunt cut wires to attach to sensor termination screws.

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