Siemens' dry type distribution transformers are available in a variety of ratings

Siemens' dry type distribution transformers are rated 600 volt class and are available in a variety of ratings. A variety of primary and secondary voltage ratings are available to match the load requirements to the distribution system. All units meet applicable ANSI and NEMA standards. Standard designs are UL Listed. Dry type transformers are air cooled by natural convection. They require no special vaults for installation and can be installed in locations convenient to the load being served.

Encapsulated designs are provided for ratings from 0.25 kVA through 15 kVA one-phase, and from 3 kVA through 15 kVA three-phase. These designs feature indoor/outdoor enclosures with integral wall mounting brackets, and 115° C rise, 180° C insulation system.

Ventilated designs are provided for ratings from 25 kVA through 167 kVA one-phase, and from 15 kVA through 1000 kVA three-phase. These feature indoor enclosures, 150° C rise and 220° C insulation system.

Siemens offers transformer designs that meet K-Factor ratings. Note that K-Factor transformers do not eliminate harmonic distortion; they withstand the non-linear load condition without overheating. All designs are UL K-Factor Listed per UL 1561 designed to IEEE C57.110 requirements.

The Sentron Harmonic Mitigating Transformers (HMTs) are designed to meet the needs of modern power distribution systems that contain a large percentage of non-linear equipment that produces harmonics. The Sentron HMTs are designed to operate under high non-linear load conditions.

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