Omega Engineering's HM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series digital multimeters feature GS-Mark EN61010-1 Approval

Omega Engineering's HHM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series digital multimeters have GS-Mark EN61010-1 Approval, Over-Voltage Category II 600 Vdc/Vac; Pollution Degree. Models HHM26 and HHM28 have RS-232 Interface. Logic probe tester models are HHM15, HHM20 and HHM23. Temperature measurement models are HHM19 and HHM21. All multimeters include a rubber boot with a tilt stand, a set of safety test leads, a 9 V alkaline battery and a type K beaded wire thermocouple (temperature models only).
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