Impco's WeldSeal brush-on methacrylate compound seals porosity in welds

WeldSeal is a brush-on methacrylate compound formulated for sealing porosity in welds that will contain gases under pressure or liquids. WeldSeal’s low dynamic viscosity is designed to enable it to wick deeply into pores and seams, and between close-fitting ferrous metal surfaces. After WeldSeal has cured in the porosity or voids, excess material on the surface is rinsed away with water.

Mixing the sealant’s two components is engineered to create a VOC-free, low-viscosity, blue liquid that can be applied by brush. Once mixed, WeldSeal has a pot life of about one day, allowing multiple parts to be treated from the same kit. Cured WeldSeal is designed to form a pressure-tight mass that can withstand continuous service temperatures of up to 179° C (355° F). Cured WeldSeal is engineered to have a hardness of 95 Shore D (ASTM D2240) and resist a range of chemicals, including oils, glycol, chlorinated and fluorinated solvents, mild caustics, acid solutions and water.

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