Lincoln Electric's modular extraction hoods remove welding fume and grinding particulate

Lincoln Electric has expanded its modular extraction hood product offering with larger sizes up to 18 feet x 18 feet (5.5 meters x 5.5 meters). The units are designed for the removal of welding fume and grinding particulate during welding, cutting, arc gouging, grinding, plasma cutting and finishing operations. The unit offers the option to hang the hood in place from the ceiling or deploy as a free-standing unit with the support of optional leg mounting kits.

The modular extraction hood features semi-transparent welding strips (non-transparent curtain strips are also available), which keep the area contained. The hood’s double-panel roof configuration is engineered to act as an in-line baffle, deflection plate and spark arrestor to prevent sparks from entering the duct work. Lincoln perimeter pull technology is designed to maximize fume extraction efficiency at lower airflow rates.

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