Nitto Construction's CTS-02 Concrete Tester and Surveyor measures and analyzes the strength of concrete

Nitto Construction’s CTS-02 Concrete Tester and Surveyor tests concrete strength. The device is engineered to measure and analyze the strength of concrete by the waveform of impact force at the point of hammer and concrete contact, and calculates the deterioration and delamination condition. A built-in accelerometer is designed to measure blow force.

The CTS-02 features Point and Area Measurement Modes. Point Mode (conventional rebound hammer mode) generates the mean value with ±20% range after hammering concrete twenty times (in a 150-millimeter square). Measurements outside the range are eliminated. After each hit, the mean value is displayed on the LCD screen within two seconds. Point Mode processes the data according to ASTM guidelines used by the rebound hammer method.

Area Mode (surveying mode) tests a concrete area by dividing testing blocks. Area and line numbers from measurements are classifiable, and the level of deterioration and delamination are estimated based on the impact waveform. To determine Surface Deterioration Indication Value, the rate of velocity when the hammer initially contacts the concrete is measured against the velocity of rebound. Delamination Indication Value indicates damage based on the existence of several local peaks on the impact waveform.

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