Rockwell Automation's reconfigured TechConnect remote support solution is available at four different levels with a la carte options

Rockwell Automation's reconfigured TechConnect remote support solution is designed to provide customers with improved troubleshooting, programming and product configuration, and support for improved plantwide optimization. The offering is available at four different levels: Self-Assist Support, Product Support, System Support and Application Support. Users can also add a la carte options to their standard support level. The four updated support contract options replace the eConnect, DirectConnect, PriorityConnect and InSite offerings.

For experienced customers with a deep understanding of Rockwell Automation products who prefer to address their own support needs, the Self-Assist Support contract offers downloadable software updates and access to the Rockwell Automation Knowledgebase, the online database containing technical solutions developed by Rockwell Automation technical support engineers. Self-Assist Support users also can address service questions via email through the Knowledgebase platform.

The Product Support contract is designed for customers requiring support specific to Rockwell Automation products. At this level, customers receive real-time engineering support via phone or online options for specified products, as well as remote desktop capability and software media shipments. 

For customers with a complete automated system from Rockwell Automation, a System Support contract provides access to engineers who are trained specialists in Rockwell Automation control systems. A System Support contract also provides a timely response and a dedicated service technician for each service call.

With an Application Support contract, Rockwell Automation engineers visit the customer’s manufacturing facility to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific application within the context of the entire enterprise. These engineers are then on-call to provide technical account management as an extension of the company’s in-house staff.

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