Belden's 2,000 Volt VFD cables meet all applicable industry standards and specifications for VFD cables

Belden has added 2,000 Volt VFD cables to its line of variable frequency AC motor drive cables. The 2,000 V VFD cable designs include:

  • Classic design VFD cables, 14 to 2 AWG, with Beldfoil plus TC braid shield — Similar to Belden’s other classic VFD cables, this series of seven cables features oversized XLPE insulation. The 85% braid coverage offers EMI low-frequency noise protection, while the 100% aluminum/Mylar tape shield offers RFI high-frequency noise protection. Also included in the smooth, round cables are full-size, insulated green ground wires with a yellow stripe and drain wires.
  • Symmetrical design, large AWG (1 to 4/0), with spiral copper tape shield — Similar to Belden’s other symmetrical cables, this series of five cables features spirally applied dual copper tape shields, coupled with improved flexibility and EMI/RFI noise protection. Three symmetrical bare ground wires provide a balanced ground system to reduce the likelihood of premature motor bearing or motor insulation failure.

All of Belden’s 2,000 V UL 1277 Type TC-ER cables are UL rated for direct burial, feature black sunlight- and oil-resistant PVC jackets, and meet all applicable industry standards and specifications for VFD cables.

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