Garlock's SGi Shaft Grounding Bearing Isolator protect bearings from electrical damage, lubricant loss and contamination

The Garlock SGi Shaft Grounding Bearing Isolator is designed to protect bearings from electrical damage as well as from lubricant loss and contamination. The Garlock SGi is engineered to divert harmful currents safely to ground, bypassing the bearings and extending motor life. The AEGIS FiberLock Channel built into the Garlock SGi secures circumferential rows of conductive microfibers, preventing their dislocation and the resulting accidental contamination of the bearing. The microfibers themselves are engineered for flexibility to prevent breakage.

The SGi also provides an IP56 non-contact isolation seal that is designed to withstand dust and jetting liquids. It withstands operating temperatures from –22° F to 300° F. The unit is available for motor-shaft sizes ranging from 0.875 to 6 inches in flanged, flangeless and custom configurations.

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