Phoenix Contact's nLC-055 Nanoline controller features integrated analog inputs

Phoenix Contact introduces an upgraded base station for the Nanoline controller. The nLC-055’s four-function math capability and integrated analog inputs are designed to increase the Nanoline’s flexibility. The nLC-055 is engineered for small- to mid-size machines with limited I/O points. The model can add, subtract, multiply and divide, as well as perform modulo (percentage) operations. Other features include two analog inputs with 12-bit resolution, eight digital inputs, two high-speed counters, a built-in real-time clock and retentive memory, and four relay outputs.

The base station is compatible with the original Nanoline’s expansion modules for GSM, Ethernet, I/O, RS-232, RS-485 and USB. It also uses the same operator panel and mounting kit as the nLC-050. The current model runs on 24 V DC power, but other versions for 115 V AC, 24 V AC and 12 V DC power are planned.

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