ABB Robotics' IRB 2600 medium-capacity multipurpose robots increase output and cycle times

ABB Robotics' IRB 2600 medium-capacity multipurpose robots are designed to improve productivity through increased output, faster cycle times and lower scrap rates. Weighing 284 kg and 435 kg, respectively, for the heaviest models, the IRB 2600 and IRB 4600 are engineered to be among the lightest robots available in their payload ranges.

IRB 2600:

  • can be floor-, wall-, invert- or shelf-mounted.
  • features a total arm weight of less than 300 kg and is designed to occupy less floor space than any other robot in its class.
  • is engineered to improve production cycle times by up to 25%. According to the company, high joint speeds and quick acceleration are achieved by combining lightweight mechanical linkages and ABB’s QuickMove motion control technology.

The IRB 2600 family contains three versions: two short-arm variants (1.65 meters) for 12 or 20 kg payloads, and a long-arm variant (1.85 meters) with a 12 kg payload.  With the wrist vertical, a 27 kg payload is achievable.

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