B&R's ACOPOSmicro line now offers support for servo motors

B&R's ACOPOSmicro line now offers support for servo motors, allowing users to integrate different drive types. The drive architecture is designed to enables a changeover from a stepper motor to a servo version and vice versa.

The ACOPOSmicro also supports up to two axes with performance levels of 500 W each on one module. The B&R drive solution requires a base surface of less than 50 cm² per axis.

The ACOPOSmicro product family can be used in a nominal voltage range from 18 VDC to 80 VDC for low-power applications. Semiconductors are designed to ensure a low amount of heat loss. The intelligent power supply module with a network connection is engineered to offer options for machine and system diagnostics. In addition to the Safe Torque Off function and trigger inputs, the servo version of the ACOPOSmicro also has a 24 VDC output that can be used to drive external brakes.

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