Ansell's PowerFlex 80-813 gloves combine flame resistance, cut protection and ergonomics

Ansell's PowerFlex 80-813 gloves are engineered to combine flame resistance, cut protection and ergonomics. PowerFlex 80-813 gloves feature Ansell’s flame-resistant solution, neoprene foam, and combine it with cut-resistant yarn to achieve ANSI Level 4 cut protection in wet, oily and dry work environments. The PowerFlex 80-813 glove is an Arc Flash Hazard Category 1 product with a rating of 5.7 cal/cm2. In addition, the gloves feature Ansell’s knitted variable stitch design (KVSD), which is engineered to release tension in high-stress zones and ensure an ergonomic fit. The gloves' improved ergonomics are designed to help reduce hand fatigue and the possibility of carpal tunnel injuries. A D3 Pinky design is engineered for a more natural fit for improved comfort. The gloves are available in a range of sizes (6-11) to accommodate the hands of almost any worker.

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