Pinpoint Laser Systems' Microgage Roll Alignment kit measures roll position and orientation

Pinpoint Laser Systems' roll alignment kit is designed to facilitate the alignment of rollers, idlers, take up reels, shafts and web-handling systems. The Microgage Roll Alignment kit is engineered for making measurements of roll position and orientation on production lines of all sizes. Measurements can be made of both vertical and horizontal roll alignment, and the Microgage Laser’s accuracy of 0.001 inch is well suited for roll replacement, preventative maintenance checks and alignment activities.
A Microgage laser transmitter projects a straight, visible reference line that can be directed into the production line to measure and align roll surfaces. A digital receiver “sees” the laser beam and provides a reading of the roll’s position relative to the centerline of the laser beam. A display unit can upload readings to a computer and the kit includes all the fixtures and parts for most roll alignment projects.
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