Danfoss' VLT Automation VT Drives are designed for industrial variable torque applications

Danfoss' VLT Automation VT Drives are engineered to save energy, reduce up-front and operating costs, and maximize uptime in industrial variable torque fan, pump, blower and compressor applications. They are available for 240 and 480 VAC single- and three-phase, or 575 and 690 VAC three-phase operation with ½ up to 1400 HP, along with a range of industrial enclosure options.

A Smart Logic Controller is designed to eliminate ancillary equipment, and main disconnects and integral fusing are engineered to reduce panel space requirements. Dedicated pump functions are designed to simplify programming and commissioning. An optional one-wire Safe Stop can reduce installed costs for applications with safe operation requirements. 

All VLT Automation VT Drives feature an integrated DC link that is engineered to eliminate the need for external filters, along with Intelligent Heat Management to remove excessive heat and promote maximum drive operating life. An ambient temperature rating of 50° C without derating is designed to eliminate the need for cooling add-ons. VLT Automation VT Drives provide autotuning of PI controllers to eliminate the potential for tuning, and password protection reduces the potential for unauthorized changes to the drive settings.

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