Force Control's Two Speed Drive is designed for applications that require a high turndown ratio while maintaining high torque

Force Control Industries announces its Two Speed Drive for applications up to 30 HP that require a high turndown ratio while maintaining high torque. The Force Control Two Speed Drive offers secondary speeds as low as 60:1 while maintaining full torque continuously. The drive includes a brake motor with a low-speed drive built in. This is designed to provide low-speed control with continuous high torque, as well as high-speed capability, in one package.

The Posidyne Two Speed Drive consists of a high-speed motor connected through a spring-set friction stack operating as a clutch and a brake (primary brake clutch) to a 4 lug shaft mounted to a worm gear. The worm gear connects to a worm which has a secondary drive consisting of a small, low-speed motor connected to one end and a spring-set brake (low-speed brake) to the other end. The spring-set brake on the secondary drive is set while in operation, thus holding the worm and worm gear set locked. The primary brake clutch is spring set so the entire drive is locked. To actuate high speed (main motor only), the primary brake clutch is released and the main motor functions normally. To stop the high-speed motor, the primary brake clutch is engaged, connecting it to the locked secondary drive, causing the main motor to stop. To operate the drive in low speed, the low-speed brake is released, the primary brake clutch is released and the low-speed motor drives through the gear ratio driving the main motor at low speed.

The MagnaShear Two Speed Drive is the same concept as the air actuated units except that the brakes are actuated by an electrical coil instead of an air piston. High- and low-speed modes are selected by energizing the appropriate electrically controlled coils. The spring-set braking mode is selected when both coils are de-energized, allowing the springs to engage both disc stacks to stop the drive system. Low speed is selected by releasing both brakes and energizing the secondary low-speed feed motor. The design is engineered to provide internal surge suppression, standard electrical connections and modular assembly designs. The drives are suitable for standard NEMA motor mounting and are available for a range of gear ratios.

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