Ingersoll Rand's Jib Cranes are engineered for applications with low ceilings or overhead obstructions

Ingersoll Rand's Jib Crane products are designed to meet overhead support needs. Engineered for applications with low ceilings or overhead obstructions, the no tie-rod design supports both air balancers and hoist applications. Jib cranes with the rail option use aluminum Ingersoll Rand Enclosed Track rail for the boom. The polymer roller wheel design is engineered to deliver smooth rotation around the column. The capacity rating on each Jib Crane includes the weight of the hoist or lifting device, and all are designed in accordance with AISC Steel Construction, ANSI B30.11 and ANSI MH27.2. The Jib Cranes can be paired with a variety of powered or manual hoists or balancers.

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