GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy Process System 2.0 process control platform features flexible architecture and user-defined control modules

GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy Process System 2.0 is a process control platform suited for power, water, and oil and gas applications. It is designed to help lower total cost of ownership by reducing the costs associated with designing, commissioning, operating and maintaining process operations and providing a sustainable competitive advantage. Applications include main steam cycle, municipal water treatment and well-to-tank control.

Proficy Process Systems 2.0 is engineered to simplify the design and maintenance of a system with features that are designed to enable users to capture, standardize and maintain their control strategies. With the introduction of user-defined Control Module capabilities, customers will be able to create reusable process control solutions. Integration of Proficy iFIX with the PAC8000 controllers is designed to allow users to choose the HMI and controller technologies they want to use in their systems.

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