Agilent's U1270 Series handheld digital multimeters feature low impedance modes and low-pass filtering

The Agilent U1270 Series handheld digital multimeters (DMMs) are designed to allow engineers and technicians to make faster, more accurate measurements. The DMMs include capabilities such as low impedance mode to eliminate stray voltages, and low-pass filtering to remove noise that distorts voltage and current readings. The U1270 Series offers a 1 kHz low-pass filter designed to provide accurate VFD output measurements.

The Agilent U1272A is a dual impedance digital multimeter that is designed to offer both high and low input impedance modes. The low impedance mode is engineered to eliminate false readings by providing a load to the circuit during voltage testing.

The U1270 Series features a flashing backlight as visual alert to enhance continuity checks in dark, noisy environments. The series also provides a loud beeper as audible continuity indicator as well. Each DMM is IP 54 certified so that test and measurement can be done in harsh working conditions.

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