Casella's CEL-620B sound meter features a sound range of 20 to 140 dB

The Casella CEL-620B sound meter is engineered to digitally measure sound levels in factories, refineries, construction sites or other workplaces where noise is a concern. The CEL-620B features a wide sound range (20 to 140 dB) and real-time octave band frequency analysis from 16 Hz to 16 kHz, along with a full-color LCD that presents overall noise levels in numerical and graphical formats. The CEL-620B also has the capability to measure three broadband levels plus 11 octave bands over the whole audio range simultaneously in parallel.

Additional features include:

  • A, C and Z (linear) frequency weightings (simultaneously)
  • Fast, slow and impulse time weightings (simultaneously)
  • Q=3, 4 and 5 exchange rates (simultaneously)
  • Measures instant, maximum and minimum levels
  • Measures Leq, Lavg(DOD), Lavg(OSHA)
  • Measures maximum and time average level in all octave bands
  • Manual measurements using menus

Up to 100 run results can be stored in its internal memory for later retrieval. The instrument connects to a PC using its USB interface. The CEL-620B is available in ANSI Type 1 or Type 2 versions, depending on the microphone capsule fitted.

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