Miller Electric's Axcess E MIG welding system includes integrated data monitoring capabilities

Miller Electric introduced the Axcess E with Insight, an MIG welding system that includes integrated data monitoring capabilities within the power source. The Insight weld process management system is embedded into the Axcess E multi-MIG welding platform and is designed to provide information to operators, supervisors, welding engineers, production managers, quality managers, maintenance professionals and manufacturing management.

The Axcess E with Insight utilizes its Part Tracking feature to monitor the fabrication of each part on a weld-by-weld basis. Axcess E with Insight is designed to monitor each weld in accordance with preset parameter limits, facilitating the detection of missed welds, under-welding, over-welding and more. The Insight software can be configured to notify the operator or management if a weld has not met the expectations for current, voltage, wire feed speed, gas flow or duration.

Axcess E with Insight is engineered to use Ethernet technology and the factory network system to interface with each welding system and transfer critical data. Interfacing is accomplished using a web-based application that can be accessed via any compliant browser.

Insight Centerpoint is a graphical user interface that is designed to provide the user with access to all welding data and monitoring settings. Insight Centerpoint is engineered to monitor each weld for the proper current, voltage, wire feed speed, gas flow (optional), and duration and alerts the operator if any of the preset limits are violated. The system also can provide a Weld Signature for each weld, as well as the ability to attach annotations to welds that fall outside of pre-determined limits. If desired, Insight Centerpoint can even be configured to disable the welding torch when certain faults are detected.

Insight Reporter is an optional management reporting feature that allows for data from the networked fleet of Axcess E units to flow into a SQL database for analysis purposes. This PC application is designed to provide a library of preconfigured reports focused on operating, quality and productivity data.

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