Longwatch's XLP Low Power Video Surveillance System hibernates in a low-power standby mode

The Longwatch XLP Low Power Video Surveillance System is powered by solar cells and batteries. The system is designed to hibernates in a low-power standby mode until an external sensor or a command from the central control room sends it a signal to wake up. The system is then engineered to record a short “video alarm clip,” transmit it to a remote operator at a central HMI/SCADA system, and continue to record video on its disk until commanded to return to hibernation.

The XLP system can transmit its video clip to the control room using an RF data link, where it can be viewed using the Longwatch Viewer or integrated into the HMI/SCADA system. The Longwatch software is engineered to make minimal use of the available bandwidth, so it does not interfere with control and instrumentation data. The XLP can also use Ethernet, wireless, cellphone or satellite communications when power consumption or bandwidth is not a concern.

Once the operator sees the alarm video clip and message on the HMI screen, he or she can then command the Longwatch system to transmit live video, and remotely pan, tilt and zoom the site cameras to further investigate process or intrusion alarms.

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