Littelfuse's expanded Powr-Gard Protection Relay product line protects industrial motors and pumps

Littelfuse has added three products to its Powr-Gard Protection Relay product line. The products are designed to protect industrial motors and pumps from damage caused by heavy operation cycles, overloads and jams. Littelfuse protection relays are engineered to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and lost productivity by detecting harmful electrical conditions before damage occurs.

The PGR-6130 relay is designed for motor-overload protection for low-voltage, low-horsepower motors. It is a compact device with integrated current transformers.

The PGR-6150 is a standard motor-protection relay that is engineered for low-voltage, low-to-medium horsepower motors. These relays are designed to be compact with integrated current transformers and offer nine protective functions, including overload, undercurrent, overcurrent, jam, overtemperature, and phase loss, reverse, and unbalance. An optional panel-mount operator interface is available to allow remote operation of the unit.

The PGR-6800 pump protection relay is a compact device with integrated current transformers that is engineered to protect low-voltage, low-to-medium horsepower pumps. This device provides pump-specific functions such as undercurrent and can be used to replace and consolidate older relays and low-level sensors.

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